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Vatbuz Chiller / Winterization Equipment

Bio Prime distributes and provides servicing of our chiller / winterization equipment for your lab. The Chiller equipment we distribute are made by VATBUZ. VATBUZ manufactures cold water production devices, which is their specialty encompassing over 64 years of experience.
VATBUZ has provided solutions for their customers with their products having applications that handle the cooling requirements in industries such as Plastics, Food, Heat Treatment, Surface Treatment, Cosmetics, Healthcare, Iron and Steel Works, etc.
As our customer, Vatbuz will provide you with the same level of


  • Low noise level.
  • Stepless capacity control.
  • Reliable twin screw compressors.
  • Two independent circuit cooling systems.
  • Electrical power and control panel complying with EN60204/1 standards.
  • Quality and operational tested unit prior to delivery.
  • Fast and reliable after sales service.
  • CE certificate.
  • 2-year warranty

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