Project Description

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Package System Steam Generators

With ALBA Package System Steam Generators your boiler room is ready in no time. The whole system is delivered with all necessary equipment pre-connected and mounted on steel platform, ready for a start-up by Alba technicians.


  • Very little space requirements due to optimised equipment placement.
  • The platform consists of two pieces with forklift holders for easy transportation.
  • All equipment and sub-system elements are under Alba guarantee.
  • All package system equipment is pre-connected and installed, which removes any complications that may arise during installations.
  • ALBA Package System Steam Generators provide a big advantage in installation costs and time. Boiler room installations require less than a day and with nearly no extra costs at all.

Working Principle

  • Steam Generator Unit
  • Tandem Water Softener
  • Condense Tank / Feed Water Tank
  • Cavitation Prevention Pump
  • By-Pass Group
  • All inter-connection fittings equipment
  • All listed equipment mounted and fastened on a steel platform which may be separated into two halves for easier transportation.