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Complete Extraction Systems

Below is an example of one of our turn-key extraction systems that BioPrime can design and build for you. Keep in mind, again, everything we do is custom for you so it can and will be specked out to your needs, tailored to your facility.

Our X–Prime 10,000 CBD oil extraction systems range all the way up through 10,000 kg (22.000lb) per day of biomass processing rate with up to 5000L (11000lb) support tanks in either modular component designs or complete loop systems. Our systems come complete with falling film evaporation solvent recovery systems, chiller, steam boiler, and explosion proof components.

The full system can be operated manually, digitally, or with PLC automation available. We include every kind of equipment that is needed for perfect extraction processing. It’s all here: centrifuges, cooled and insulated soaking vessels with agitation, filtration, pump, chillers, steam generators and evaporation recovery.

Our X-Prime 10,000 recovers over 98% of your solvents, allowing us to guarantee the quality of your end product, reduced operational costs, and reliability.


  • Full Automation Option
  • All custom built and sized
  • High Quality Built
  • User friendly/Ease of Use
  • Efficient Process
  • Low Vacuum, High evaporation rate
  • Service Support
  • Flexible Capacity

Typical throughput for 20 gallons: 17-20 lbs. per 20 min cycle

Typical throughput for 60 gallons: 51-60 lbs. per 20 min cycle

Typical throughput for 100 gallons: 85-100 lbs. per 20 min cycle

Cycle time is based on user attendance.

Our equipment is made of thick gauge stainless steel, which has excellent anti-corrosion resistance and meets GMP medical standards.

Technical Details

Standard Features
Bio Mass Processing rate: From 9500 LB/day to 11000 LB/day
Plant essence oil Production Rate: From 300 L/day to 1000 L/day
Evaporation Capacity: 25000 L/Day
Cooling Capacity: From 1 m2 to 90 m2
Alcohol Recover : %98 to %99.5
Heating Steam Temperature: From 110 C to 180 C
Heating Steam Flow: From 1500 Kg/hr
Heating Steam Working  Pressure: Min 15 psi (1.5 Bar) – Outlet
Cooling Media Temperature: – 40 C
Cooling Media Flow: From 50 Kg/hr to 2000 Kg/hr
Cooling Media Pressure: 2.5 Bar
Automation: Full Automation System with SCADA monitoring
Automatic Controls: Level Measuring, Temperature, Pressure, Flow Meter,
Motor and Valf On-Off systems
State Compliant: All State
ASME Compliant: YES
Class 1 Div 1 Compliant: YES
Warranty: 1 year
Included Equipments: Steam Generator, Cooling Chiller,
Warranty: 1 year
Applicable Industries: Biochemical, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, food and beverage
Installation Area in M2: 1 m2 /100 m2
After Sales Service: Yes, by US team
After Warranty Service: Yes, by US team
Local Service Location: Denver
Certifications: ISO 9001


Up to 22000 lbs. per day
Bag load style extraction system
Up to 6000L evaporation capacity
If needed full-automation can be provided
All chillers, pumps, cooling towers, and solvent recovery included
Our multi stage falling film evaporators recovers up to approx. 2000L/hour.
System total power: 152kw/460A (1.2 times of total amp)
Natural gas: 142N3m/hr @6-10kpa
Power supply: 3 phases, 60hz, 240v