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R-Prime Chromatography Systems

BioPrime’s engineering team has developed unique and high-level Column Chromatography Systems. While using only a very small amount of solvent, we have succeeded in removing a substantial portion of the THC compounds from the CBD crude oil. Through our system’s process, THC compounds present in the crude oil become lower in our unique system.

BioPrime manufactures Extraction Processing Systems which contain centrifuge equipment, extraction vessels, initial filtration, pumps, chillers, steam generators and evaporation / concentration equipment. All can be operated manually, digitally, or with PLC automation available. We make the right equipment for your production plant.

Our Full R-Prime remediation systems include all equipment and processing that is needed for the perfect remediation process. Evaporation, condensation, falling film, rising film, extraction columns, tanks heat exchangers, valves, pump controls; it’s all here.


  • Full Automation Option
  • All systems custom for your operation
  • High Quality Built
  • User friendly/Ease of Use
  • Efficient Process
  • Low Vacuum, High evaporation rate
  • Service Support
  • Flexible Capacity

Technical Details

Bio Mass Processing rate: From 100 kg/day to 5000 kg/day
CBD Oil Production Rate: From 10 L/day to 500 L/day
Evaporation Capacity: From 50 L to 3000 L
Cooling Capacity: From 1 m2 to 90 m2
Alcohol Recover Capacity: From 500 L /day to 25000 L/day
CBD retention rate: 75%-95%
CBD v retention rate: over 95%
CBG retention rate: over 95%
CBN retention rate: 10-25%
Cooling Media Temperature: From – 40 C to – 20 C
Cooling Media Flow: From 50 Kg/hr to 2000 Kg/hr
Cooling Media Pressure: 2.5 Bar
Automation: Full Automation System with SCADA monitoring
Automatic Controls: Level Measuring, Temperature, Pressure, Flow Meter,
Motor and Valve On-Off systems
State Compliant: WA, CA, CO, MD, NV, OR, PA,
ASME Compliant: YES
Class 1 Div 1 Compliant: YES
Warranty: 1 year
Required Equipments: Steam Generator, Cooling Chiller,
Cooling Towers, Automation Transmitters

Other Benefits

  • Capable of non-detect oil with an LLQ of testing down to 0.01% THC. (could be lower but this is as low as the best 3rd party lab has tested the oil)
  • Capable of making full spectrum legal distillate by just changing collection parameters (THC less than 0.3%)
  • Silica replacement every 20-50 days if running 24hours a day.
  • Simple enough it can be run by technicians who have never run chromatography
  • All chemicals involved in the separation are digestible by the human body (Ethanol and water)
  • All oil ran must be distillate and properly winterized