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Mr. Aydinol is a founding partner, the chairman of the board of directors and CEO of BioPrime. He is also the owner of a family-owned company, Aymaksan Gear in Turkey. Aymaksan Gear was established in Ostim in 1992 (Ankara/Turkey) to manufacture spiral bevel gears. As time passed, customer demand drove the company’s expansion. They now make straight bevel gears, spur gears, and any kind of gear one could think of. Adding to his already impressive resume, Mr. Aydinol acts as VP of Manufacturing & Sales for Life Tech Global and Remy Biosciences. Life Tech Global is committed to innovation as well as bringing products and new therapies to market that will significantly improve peoples’ lives. These two companies were founded by a group of passionate professionals and engineers with significant expertise and proven track records in the fields of life science, manufacturing and finance. Mr. Aydinol is also the inventor and patent holder of the unique invention “Trans-dermal (Coating) machine”. Thanks to his significant work along with his R&D team, this invention is being used for manufacturing transdermal patches. Remy Biosciences’ transdermal patch is ideally suited for the controlled delivery of Cannabidiol (CBD), an extraction from hemp and the cannabis plant, and medicinal cannabis. At BioPrime Mr. Aydinol’s dynamic leadership and innovation are indispensable.



Mr. Berber is a founding partner and a board member of BioPrime. He also runs Onur Hidromekanik, a family owned company based in Turkey who design, test, and manufacture hydraulic rams & cylinders. Onur Hidromekanik works to serve local and international customers with fresh, innovative ideas while drawing on their 30+ years in operation. Selim Berber has served as a top-level manager of production and business development in many different companies over the years. Among some are Donaldson Filters Co. who is the largest filtration company in the world. Working with Donaldson allowed Mr. Berber to lend his engineering talents to Automotive technologies, Gas Turbine Systems, Microelectronics, Aviation and other various industries. In addition, Mr. Berber worked with and did engineering for Santek Sanayi Tesisleri Imalatı ve Tic. A.Ş. which added to his experience and expertise in the fields of Oil & Gas, Chemicals, Iron & Steel, as well as Power Generation, Water Desalination and Mining. He is an elite mind in the world of engineering. His hands-on, real world experience, knowledge, imagination and innovation are invaluable to BioPrime and your projects.


HALIM OZBEK – VP, Engineering

Halim Ozbek is a partner and board member of BioPrime. He also runs his own family owned businesses that encompass a variety of industries which include industrial chemical manufacturing, aerospace & defense finishing, and aerospace and defense machining. Mr. Ozbek started his career with contracting jobs related to energy projects. By means of “Hydrophobic Surface Coating” technology, he did several jobs for switchyards in order to extend the service life of their energy systems. Mr. Ozbek has also worked on designing and building wind power plants, increasing the capacity for Egener Elektrik. Further adding to his impressive body of work, he has been a project manager for, developed and promoted several chemical products on the market. Today Mr. Ozbek runs and is involved with Endustri Teknik, EST Surface Treatment, and ARM Machine in addition to his work with BioPrime. Endustri Teknik was founded in 1961 and has supported leading industry brands from around the globe. Their “HD Lubrismart®” products, offer solutions to problems in automotive machinery, iron-steel industry, and metal tilting textiles. EST Surface Treatment is a company of 42 people with its management team, engineers, technical staff, administrative staff and personnel. The company specializes in coating machine parts with different metals for aerospace and defense products. ARM Machining and Engineering provides precision machining, assembly, painting and coating along with systems integration.


TERRENCE CAGE – VP, Business Development

Terrence Cage is VP of Business development at BioPrime. Mr. Cage has over two decades of entrepreneurship building multiple highly successful businesses as well as helping others to succeed through his consulting work. Mr. Cage’s work at BioPrime is multi-faceted. He works closely with all clients to ensure that their projects are running smoothly through every stage of work and development. Behind the scenes he helps oversee our marketing & promotion, web presence while constantly helping improve our client engagement and project portfolio. Mr. Cage always finds ways around and through potential issues and gets things done. We are happy and grateful to have him on our team.


ALP ATABAY – VP, Strategic Growth

Alpie is an accomplished business executive and consultant who led projects towards successful exits in the real estate, cannabis, tech, media and finance industries. He is responsible for the investor relations, development of marketing strategies, management of brand identities at the corporate and product level, as well as advertising and public relations initiatives. Alpie brings over a decade of experience in various fields such as team building, project management, overseas investment consultancy, corporate communications and marketing strategies. Throughout his career he has worked as a strategist and executive for multinational projects and campaigns located in major hubs like New York, Boston, Istanbul, Shanghai and Los Angeles. Dr. Atabay holds a BA degree in Communication and an MA degree in Media Management. As an academic who conducted research and held positions at Boston University and New York Tech, he brings together advanced analytical thinking and scholarly discipline with his practical expertise.

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