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BioPrime was founded by engineers who have a vast knowledge and wide array of experience from many industries. Our manufacturing is overseen and produced by companies that are owned and operated by our board members and their families.

Our engineers are also the founders of and on the board directors of other companies. With BioPrime, you are not getting just our strength, you’re getting the weight and power of many companies.

We have the weight, confidence, and power of a large corporation with our resources, materials, and experience. However, we are small enough to provide bespoke service, treatment and support.

As you can see below from some of our recent projects, some are from other related industries. Our knowledge spills over from other areas and gives us unique experience and an edge in tackling large scale and complex projects.

Gears and machine parts, aerospace, bioscience, chemical engineering, medical bioscience engineering, power systems, filtration, water desalination, and the petrol chemical industry are other areas of our engineers’ experiences.

BioPrime operates both in North America and Europe as our manufacturing is done in Europe. We control our entire supply chain. Everything you order is manufactured and tailored to your needs, built with expertise and attention to the smallest detail. We offer quick turnaround from design to delivery.

Here are some of our recent Past Projects:

  • Flora Bio Group, Denver, CO: Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Installation of Extraction Plant (20,000 lbs./day Biomass Extraction Capacity)
  • BioPyure, Denver, CO: Mechanical Design and Manufacturing of THC Removal Reactor (20 liters/day)
  • ExtractX – Winnipeg, MB: Mechanical and Thermal Design, 3D Modeling and Technical Drawings of Mobile Extraction Facility (Distillation, THC Remediation)
  • Alstom, France: Design and Manufacturing of Stainless-Steel Filtration Systems for Combine Cycle Power Plants
  • General Electric: Design and Manufacturing of Stainless-Steel Filtration Systems for Combine Cycle Power Plants
  • Siemens, Germany: Design and Manufacturing of Stainless-Steel Filtration Systems for Combine Cycle Power Plants
  • MAN, Germany: Design and Manufacturing of Steel Structures for Melamine Plant
  • Hitachi, Dusseldorf, Germany: Design and Manufacturing of Duct and DeNox Systems for Power Plant
  • Tüpraş, Izmir, Turkey: Design, Manufacturing, Site Erection of Twin 30,000m3 Diesel Storage Tanks
  • DeSmet, Ghent, Belgium: Design and Manufacturing of Pressure vessels Bio-Ethanol Plant
  • Entropie, France / Doha, Qatar: Manufacturing and Site Erection of Seawater Desalination Plant
  • Tecnicas Reunidas, Spain / Kocaeli, Turkey: Manufacturing of ASME S Stamp Radiant and Convection Heaters for Tüpraş Derince Refinery
  • Nem BV, Netherlands / Canary Islands, Spain: Manufacturing of Inlet, Transition and Exhaust Ducts for Cas Tresorer and Barranco II Power Plants.
  • Novasep, France / Sacramento, CA: Design and Manufacturing of Tubular Heat Exchangers with ASME U Stamp for California Sugar Company

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